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31 New Emojis For Android And iOS Users


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31 New Emojis For Android And iOS Users

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31 new emojis for Android and iOS users are going to introduce in the next year. People can use these emojis to express their communication or feelings in text messages. With the use of new emojis, people can freely express their feelings or can freely communicate with individuals. A new range of emojis is going to be introduced including 31 new options.  The new style of emoji is going to come in a “high five shape emoji” and many other different shape emojis. 

The United Consortium will introduce both for Android and iOS users free of cost. Users can pick whichever they want to express their feelings. 

The 31 new range of emoji includes”Jellyfish emoji”, “Shaking Face emoji”, ” Light Blue Heart”, “Donkey”, ” Rightward pushing hands”, “Leftward pushing hand”, ” Maracas”, “Khanda”, ” Black Bird ” and many more such type.

The full list of 31 Emojis are

1.Shaking Face

2. Light Blue Heart

3. Grey Heart

4. Pink Heart

5. Rightwards Pushing Hand ( with five skin tones)

6. Leftward Pushing Hand ( with five skin tones)


8. Donkey

9. Wing

10. Goose

11. Jellyfish

12. Ginger

13. Hyacinth

14. Pea Pod

15. Folding Hand Fan

16. Hair Pick

17. Maracas

18. Flute

19. Khanda

20. Wireless

21. Black Bird

The Unicode Consortium will approve these emojis and then they will pass to Android and iOS handsets. 

New Emoji

Emojipedia has recently tweeted with new update of releasing the emojis. ” Emoji 15.0 is to be released in September 2022. Here’s every emoji in the final draft, including a plain Pink Heart”.

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