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Chromebook: Features and Budget friendly Laptops


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What is a Chromebook? How is it different from other devices?

Chromebook Features and uses

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A Chromebook is a laptop that operates on a Linus based Chrome Operating System . Google Chromebooks are used for many tasks using the Chrome browser. Also all the Chromebooks released after 2017 have the option to run Android Applications. Because of Chromebook features and uses, it continues to dominate the Tech world in term of its price. Although most of the users prefer Mac OS or Windows, Chromebooks have created additional one.

Features of Chromebook

Chromebook Features
Portable Computers that use Chrome OS
Unable to take Heavy Application-based Work tasks
Differ from the Desktops and Laptops which are mainly Windows based
Features of Chromebook

Note: Any Windows user performing a task on Windows and Mac can also perform on the Chrome. However the storage capacity of Chromebook is low. Individuals can look for external options in the event of a heavy data. Unlike the past, the Chromebook users can now access both Android and Linux applications.

Also read: Google comes with a new plan to track you around the web with Chrome.

Chromebooks-Advantages and Disadvantages

Chromebooks -Advantages

Depending on the users purpose the Chromebooks might or might not turn ideal.

Uses of Chromebooks

SNoChromebook Advantage
1Ideal for Students and work from Home Employees
Office 365 and Google Doc Editor
2Chromebooks have a larger battery life
Advantages of a Chromebook

Some Budget friendly Chromebook Integrated Laptops

Besides being just a computing device, it offers advantage of being extremely simple than many of its competitors.

Difference between Chromebook and Desktops

Designed for Online UseDesigned for both Online and Offline
Apps stored in cloudApps stored in storage device
Chromebooks lack disc drivesLaptops has solid state drives
Loads faster than laptopsLoads slower than Chromebooks
Requires connection with InternetRuns on Windows or Mac OS
Differences between Chromebook and desktops

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