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Sony invested 250 million dollars in Epic Games


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Strategic alliance between the Electronic giant and Fortnite maker

Sony- Epic Alliance
Sony- Epic Alliance
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Sony Epic Games deal shall strengthen the relationships between the two firms. Epic Games owns the rights for the battle-royale game ‘Fortnite. An alliance involving Sony to invest $250 million for a small stake in the developer Epic Games. In exchange of the investment Sony intends a minority stake in the Epic Games. The main highlights are as follows:

Highlights of Sony Epic Games deal

  1. The electronic giant acquires 1.4% interest in the game developer
  2. Epic Games valuation increase to $17.86 billion.

Deal of Sony and Epic

  • Sony Epic Games deal is seen as strengthening the relationship between both firms. Also Epic games is considered to be a major player in the unreal game-engine software battle-royale game “Fortnite.”
  • The news arrives as Sony gears up to launch its PlayStation 5 console later this year.

Epic Games is at the forefront unreal game engine software

Besides ‘Fornite’ Epic Games is credited with some of the best such as

Other than being known for creating hit titles like “Fortnite” , “Gears of War” franchise, and online video games store that competes with Steam. Epics is the best when it comes to areas such as Game engine development and other innovations. Sony is preparing to launch its Play station console in during the later year. However it could face a stiff competition from Microsoft XBOX Series x. For the users who are stuck in the dilemma of choosing between the two.

Implications of the venture

Also, the investment is bound to increase Sony’s commitment towards creating a metaverse. It shall create spaces where players can not only have fun, but brands can create great experiences tp build an entire community.

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