Friday, June 9, 2023

Indian girl developed app, receives applause from Tim Cook


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Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulated an eight-year-old old Dubai based Indian girl for designing an iOS application. He applauded her for achieving the feat at such a young age.

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A Dubai based Indian girl aged 8 developed an iOS app. Indeed, a great feat to achieve at such a young age, must say. While most of the kids of her age are busy either with friends or indulging in playful activities, this is great achievements. Indeed, her feat did not go unnoticed, and she received a congratulatory message from non-other than Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Taking pride of her achievement, she opened up on the process of introduction to coding and finally development of the code.

Indian Girl developed App
Indian Girl developed App

“I created and published an Apple mobile application at the age of eight. I got introduced to coding by the age of five and it seems I am the youngest in the world to achieve this. In addition, I almost avoided using any third-party ready-made codes, libraries, or classes in my app. I hand-wrote more than 10,000 lines of codes for this app. Please have a quick preview.”

8-year-old Hana shared the Development process of the Code

Indian Girl developed app called Hana’s after her name, aims at recording bedtime stories

Indians are known world over for their IT skills. And these days more and more kids are becoming tech-savvy. Thus, it was no surprise that an Indian girl born and brought up in Dubai had come up with the invention. The app developed parents to record bedtime stories to children. She contributed her success to her parents and also her passion for technology, especially Apple products. Additionally, she said that coding was not impossible, and it had the same importance as any other communicating language. It was indeed a moment of excitement and pride for the parents. Tim Cook’s mail had some encouraging words for the Indian prodigy.

“Hana, Congratulations on all of your impressive achievements at such a young age! Keep at it and you will do amazing things in the future. Best, Tim.”

Tim Cook’s mail to Hana, congratulating her on her achievement
Indian Girl developed App
Indian Girl developed App

Tim’s reply to relived Hana’s parents confirmed the contents of her mail

Hana exclaimed that she was relieved to have received the response of Apple’s CEO. Also, her parents also were happy about the confirmation of news. Feeling proud of her achievements and hoping that it shall enable her to stand out from the crowd. Also, he hoped that her dedication also gets counted in the end. He revealed that Hana’s older sister aged 10 is teaching her to code.

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