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Minecraft – Beginners Guide


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All what we know?

Customization, Settings and Tips

Minecraft Game
Minecraft Game
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Minecraft-What we know? The article explores the various intricacies of the game. It is a 3D sandbox game that allows the players with the flexibility to play the game. There are no specific goals to be fulfilled. Also it is has no specific goals to be set.

Customization of Characters: Steps to customize

The following are the steps required to customize the in-game characters

  1. Click on ‘Profile’ in the main menu as soon as the game launches.
  2. Drift over the character and Click ‘ Create Character’.
  3. Customize the character as per your liking.
  4. Changes are saved and the user can create the character created.
  5. Select the character you wish to delete by pressing the left or right arrows and click on the trash
Minecraft character
Minecraft character

Game Settings

Minecraft- Settings

Before starting the Minecraft, the user needs to make some adjustments. Here are the 3 listed ones:

  • Keyboard Layout to rebind default controls(Keyboard and Mouse section in general)
  • ‘Render Distance’ settings in the general section. It helps to adjust the frame rate lag.
  • Allow trusted skins to customize the skins.

Beginner Tips to play Minecraft

Starting Objectives

Here are some elementary tips for you to have a decent start in Minecraft.

  1. Collect essentials such as wood and Coal to create weapons
  2. Prepare a working table by setting planks.
  3. Create a crafting table with the planks, logs and the output.
  4. Craft the torches out of natural resources.
  5. Construct the furnace from red stones.

Apply creativity and Imagination to create your characters

Minecraft-What we know is an idea of the basic customization , its settings. With the above, the users shall have a decent start to play the Minecraft. Putting imagination and creativity, they can craft new creatures, blocks and adventures.

After this point, the user shall have a decent start in Minecraft survival . Besides he should continue to explore more creatures, blocks, and adventures! 

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