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International Youth Day 2022: How Fashion in Various Generations evolved?


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From Boomers to GenZ, roles have seen drastic transformation. While the former blame the latter of loss of values, latter accuse them of not understanding.

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Standing in the 21st century where Technology has dominated us, it is time to pause and ask ourselves what we lost. There is absolutely no doubt that the Gen Z or the Tech Savvy kids are more smart, alert and progressive. But is it OK to ignore the other side of the coin, which labels them as a insensitive and careless lot? The theme of International Youth Day 2022 is International Solidarity. Intergenerational solidarity is nothing but understanding and expecting the expectations of succession of generations. For instance take the case of Fashion and style as it completely took a U-Turn as we gradually moved across generations. This article covers how Fashion in various generations evolved.

when you are born affects your attitudes, your perceptions, your values, your behaviours

Dr Alexis Abramson

International Youth Day 2022: Evolution of Fashion in Various Generations

One meaning of Intergenerational solidarity is understanding and respecting choices of each generation. There will be generation gap, but we should respect each other views. Most gap deepens for the failure to understand one’s point of view. There are many facets in which each generation differs some of which point to behaviour, technology driven and most importantly styling. From Bloomers to GenZ the dresses have become more skin-tight, revealing some of them even showing one’s A** CR*CK. So when the parents object, there is a confrontation from the other side. So lets see how the pants styling moved across generations.

1.Silent Generation

The first generation Group is the silent generation. It mainly refers to people born between 1926 and 1945. ‘Seen but Not heard’ the proverb used for this generation refers to the fact that the children were taught not to speak espeially when around adults unless spoken to them. Some of the traits they enjoyed were value driven and loyal. As far as men’s styling was concerned, it showed plenty of changes. While the elite class wore elegant suits that were properly ironed. Others who preferred Indian attire stuck to Kurta-Pyjama, Dhoti and Achkaan etc. No loud colours were in trend. Men wore trousers that had wide hems turned up with center creases and cloth color that matched jackets and waistcoats.

2.Baby Bloomers

The group starts in 1946 and ends with those born around 1964. They are so called because of the huge increase of births after World War Two. Bloomers represented the most influential sections of the society, with many as trendsetters. Most of these people now in their 60’s often have difficulty fitting in. Most of them wear Hippie style trousers.

Gen X

Gen X as those born between 1966 and 1980. They grew up in a time when technology was advancing fast, but wasn’t readily available. For anyone born in this generation, Intergenerational solidarity is an easily understood concept. They can easily move between the digital and non-digital world. These people are good problem solvers. The Gen X followed metrosexual stars to trying out of proportion dresses like ‘Baggy Pants’. Punk, Goth and Pop culture influenced the style choices of the group.

Millennials or Gen Y

This represents those who are born between 1980 to 1995. More or less referred to as lazy and are mostly spendthrift. Most of them are influenced by Hollywood and can be referred as nerds. As far as fashion styling is concerned, they shall try anything with anything. Weird dresses such as Parachute Pants, Popped Collars to Scrunchies they try everything. Additionally they don’t mind trying out of league things like Rope Chains, Stirrup Pants or Flip-up glasses.

Generation Z

This generation consists of tech nerds and are mostly tech addicts. Not only do they Donne any style, but at times present weird situations. Jeans with undies showing or sometimes butt exposing , these generation just doesn’t CARE. In fact it is the GENZ who is changing the Fashion industry with their ideas. Some of the famous retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle have catered to GEN Z demand.

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