Sara refuses to pose for the Photographer, walks away from him

Sara refuses to pose
Sara refuses to pose after being pushed

“Sara refuses to pose for the photographer’ is going viral lately. In the video During one of the videos, a photographer manhandles her. One of the popular actresses of Bollywood, Sara has a great fan following. Thus it is obvious that she pulls a crowd wherever she goes. Every time Sara has accommodated the requests of her fans and Cameramen alike. She had been both pleasant and patient. However on one of the occasions, one of the photographers pushed her. The incident irritated her that she sat in her car and left cancelling the session in between.In spite of being pushed, she maintained her grace and politely refused to pose further. Also she added , “Fir aap log dhakha maarte ho aise.”

Sara comments on Cameramen pushing her

Sara Ali Khan refuses to pose, but still maintains her Dignity

In one of incidences, the paparazzi’s were eager to click pictures of the actress. During one of the incidences, she got pushed.

Although she refused to pose further, she was extremely polite with them. The actress is one of the sweetest actresses of the Bollywood. Moreover, she has always been cordial with both fans and reporters alike.

Actress gets upset with the Paparazzi

Kedarnath’ actress still waved and smiled after being pushed

The ever smiling Sara Ali shares a great rapport with her fans. She is often seen greeting the public with a ‘Namaste’. In an incident a paparazzi pushed her in an attempt to take a picture. Consequently she got annoyed and told them.” Nahi, Aap log dhakka marte rehte ho.” (‘Sorry, you guys keep pushing”. Sara nodded her head in disapproval as she sat in the car. In spite of all the fiasco, Sara still smiled and waived at the fans. Fans could not help but praise her poise during the whole episode.

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