Growing Tinder Popularity With Teens Is Deeply Concerning

Tinder Dating App
Tinder Dating App

Tinder is a popular way to connect with new and interesting people around you. While it may sound extremely catching to teens, this Swipe right to Like or left to Pass can impose dangers as well.

While Social Media has opened up novel ways of communication, its existence poses dangers too. And for teens, it opens up an opportunity to meet new people online. These individuals are from diverse background, cultures and ethnicities. There would be many who would consider it a boon for having to interact with individuals across the globe. For a teen who struggling to foster new friendship, social media is a perfect scape. Increasing Tinder Popularity with Teens have caused concerns for their teachers, and parents. Teen times are indeed testing times for both guardians and even the teen himself. As he is thrown into an exploration debate about discovering his interests, sexual maturity and peer pressure, social media seems a perfect answer. However, sometimes this curiosity can have adverse effects, if there was no check. Tinder is a free dating app which gets the people together.

Tinder Dating App
Tinder Dating App

Tinder Popularity With Teens, Loopholes and Dangers

Loopholes of dating app Tinder

Originally Tinder had an open policy, which led to a percentage of users between 13 and 17. However, Tinder banned users under 18, following the growing safety concerns of underage users. But the teens so desperate to use the app found a loophole anyway. They manipulated their age to log in now. And even if you have a teen of permissible age limit, even then parents should be alert. But are the dangers that a right swipe brings. Any Tinder user has free access to pictures of other people who are looking to meet. A left swipe indicates not interested, while a right swipe means knowing the user is interested in the other person. If the interest of both matches, the users initiate a private dialogue.

Tinder Dating App
Tinder Dating App

Tinder’s Popularity With Teens has grown over the years

Tinder’s popularity with teens has risen over the years and continues to do so due to many reasons. Here are some of the listed reasons the app is a favourite amongst teen.

  1. App provides immediate acknowledgment.
  2. No lengthy profiles
  3. Instant match with potential interests.
  4. Assists the teens to avoid a direct rejection.
  5. Provides less anxiety for they no longer need to ask for a date.

In spite of Tinder’s popularity with teens, there are dangers too

Tinder’s popularity with teens makes them more vulnerable to the online predators. Since the platform is open for misinterpretation, people can lie about their age. This serves as excellent platform to launch an attack. Through Tinder, a potential predator can locate the individual. Here are few drawbacks of Tinder.

  1. Fake Pictures: Scammers posting fake pictures to lure teens is nothing new. Also, on offer are suspicious links used to attract teens.
  2. Invitation to Meet: App encourages in-person meetings. One inherent danger of the app is that it encourages in-person meetings. It is extremely risky for a teenager to meet strangers at his chosen location.
  3. Best Hookup App: Tinder is the best App for hookups and one-night stands. Considering this, it is not the one who are seeking to make casual friends.
  4. Superficial Premise: Tinder encourages people to make a fast judgment about whether they want to get to know people based on a profile photo.
  5. Matches done as per Physical appearance: Tinder sends the message to teens that choosing a partner should be based on physical appearance.

Need of Parental Vigilance is elevated considering Tinder’s popularity

Considering the excessive usage of Tinder, it is time to be more vigilant. Keep an open communication with your teen about social media and online safety. Discuss the potential dangers of online dating and meeting people via the internet. Have a healthy discussion to understand too, why he considers Tinder cool. Stay informed on your teen’s activities online.

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