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Funny Kid Viral Video Reveals A Valid Reason For Not Studying


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Funny Videos of Kids abound the Social media. Every other day, adorable images and videos of kids storm the internet. These so cute videos are bound to turn viral.

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Believe it or not, Kids have a unique ability to make even the most frustrated person smile. Their actions not only enliven the ambience but bring surmount joy and happiness. One of the popular American Television series AFV (America’s Funniest Videos) had kids and pets’ videos in abundance. Here are some hilarious Kids Videos from the famed American Series. One such Funny Kid Viral video recently went viral online on the platform Twitter. It soon became the talk of everyone on social media.

Kids Video from American Funny Videos

All of the videos in the show were viewer submitted homemade and self-shot. Some of the videos also had pranks. Similar pages and accounts have showcased adorable images and videos of kids. Watch out as a young child reason for not having to study. However, some rated the video as cruel for they felt forcing a child to study is not the apt way of upbringing.

“Don’t feel like studying, just feel like eating food. A cute video of a small child goes viral. Unseen India.”

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Mother scold’s child for not studying, Funny Kid Viral Video received mixed reviews

If given a choice, there is hardly any kid who doesn’t enjoy playing. However, the same cannot be said for studying. Most kids consider study as boring, and it seems the same is true for this kid in the video. The video starts with a mother scolding the kid for not studying. Kid is about to cry, she says, “If you study, I won’t beat you, but if you don’t, I will beat you.” The kid replies, “I don’t want to study.” When his mother asks what he wanted, his reply was ‘I want to eat.’ The mother continued, “If he won’t study, who will?” The kid replied, “My father.” We later realize that the kid is used to him eating and his father doing labour.

Kid viral video
Kid viral video
Fans comments on Video
Fans comments on Video

However, there were many who rated the mother as cruel as the toddler was too little to understand the importance of studying.

This is not the first time a Funny Kid Viral Video got posted online

Curiosity in Kids makes parents post their respective Video. Children these days are exceedingly smart, and this often drives them to do funny or unthinkable acts. And in the age of social media, parents regularly post photographs online. There are many funny videos online with kids even teaching their parents. It is indeed interesting to see how ambience around them shapes their behaviour. Although, these acts are extremely innocent, parents should also ensure to groom their children with manners at an early age.

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