Saturday, December 9, 2023

This Weekend, Make Bathroom Your Playground. Yes, You Guessed It Right. Grab The Opportunity!


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Your bathroom could be a great place add a little spark in your love life. With little imagination, it could be just the ideal place to get intimate with your partner. Little space is not a deterrent but an excellent opportunity. If you know what I mean. That extra close contact ensures a lot of sultry results.

Here is your quick guide for intimate bath moments –

Warm water is an added advantage  

Warm water eases tense muscles and the distraction-free zone ensures your mind is away from all distraction. It also creates the perfect environment to indulge into instant foreplay.

Set the expectation right

In real world, it’s definitely not going to be like the movies. There is a possibility that it may get a bit awkward in the beginning. A good sense of humour and communication is the key here.

Hygiene is important

Hygiene is important  

You clean your tub beforehand, but you should also shower off first. Ensure that the bathwater is free of chemical-based soap, body wash, and body dirt to avoid infections.

Check water level

Don’t fill up your bath as high as you normally would since two people will make it rise much higher than just one. You’ll also want to check the temp with your hand before hopping in to reduce the chance of burns.

Play mind games

Play mind games

It is a good idea to try stimulating each other mentally and ensure that you’re careful and everything’s consensual. The options after that are pretty much limitless.

Safety first

Personal safety is the biggest thing to consider. Ensure that the floor is not slippery. Between soaps and lubes and oils, the tub is likely slick, which can be dangerous when getting in and out or switching positions. Be careful.

Stay away from chemicals

You should opt for pH balanced soaps to avoid UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and infections.

Set the mood right

  • Light some candles around
  • Get some wine
  • Play with the water pressure
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