Handicaps during Interview

5 Ways to Deal With Personal Handicaps While Seeking a Job

Overcoming your fears and disabilities is essential while seeking a job. Here are valuable tips that can come in handy before an interview.

It is not often that the candidates are turned down during the interview. One gets to think if there is a personal handicap that prevented one to get hired. All these dilemmas run through ones head causing nervousness and ruining the interview. Some of these handicaps could be shyness, lack of verbal and oratory skills, lack of education, age or even looks. Before I discuss with how to deal with Personal handicaps during a job interview, one should have the belief to keep going. Every one struggles through some handicap at some point of time and no failure is final. Whatever the handicap is, there is nothing that can stop from getting hired anywhere in the world. Handicaps might prevent one to get a job at some places but not all.

Ways to Deal with Personal Handicaps during Interview

For an employee it is integral to understand that there are two kinds of employers. First who are interested in hiring you and second employers for whom candidate’s handicap is a concern. For the latter employer the best way is to thank them. Besides also ask them politely if there is someone they know looking for similar skills like the candidate. The bottom line is that everyone is handicapped. In the article lets consider 5 shortcomings of the candidate and ways to deal with Personal Handicaps.

Unemployed for Long Time

One of the important concern of any employer is how long the candidate is out of job. There are employers who shy away from hiring candidates who are jobless for a year. However there are others who are rigid and reject you even if you have a few months gap. However this can be overcome by listing the reason of the gap. It is highly recommended to be honest during the interview. In case one has enhanced his skills through some soft skills, it is better to highlight it. However long the gap is, one should justify it with a valid reason. Also ensuring the employer that the gap shall not come in the way of performing duties shall further strengthen your resume.


Many baby boomers are entering their retirement ages. There are plenty of candidates who have been laid off from their jobs during the pandemic. Some of them are baby boomers and reaching the retirement age. Not everyone is fortunate of having pensions waiting. Thus they would be looking for a job. This handicap can be overcome when the employer sees the fire and drive for the job being asked. Thus convincing the employer that age is equal to experience shall help you overcome the prejudice.


One of the major prejudices is the salary. Employers are careful about the candidates cost to company. It is found that candidates who are in their fifties demand more salary. Such employers believe in hiring candidates in their twenties as they would cost less. However there are employers who shall hire one in spite of their age if, it is a small company or if it has positive attitude towards aging. In spite of the handicap, the employer can consider your case if they witness the drive in the candidate.

Lack of Experience

This is commonly cited as the reason of rejection in many interviews. Many worthy candidates fall prey to the lack of experience. Before the interview, it is important to go through the job description carefully. Carefully jot down the ten best qualities. Now think about ways how to merge these qualities to compensate for the lack of experience. It is always best to compensate on the ten best qualities. Also highlight two to three skills that makes you an ideal candidate for the position. And to top it all answering the question of why you should be hired.


Introverts have a shy mentality and it is difficult to talk openly. Not only do introverts find it difficult to talk about their achievements during interview, but also remain reserved most of the time. Practicing with someone you know is the best way top remove your fears.

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