Treat Depression naturally without medication

Natural cure for depression
Natural cure for depression

Natural Remedies for depression, definition, symptoms

Treat depression naturally
Treat depression naturally

Depression-Definition and Symptoms

Mayo Clinic, the United States leading medical research institute has defined Depression. According to the institution, Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also referred to clinical depression, it affects the individual’s behaviour. Not only does it effect a person’s perspective of life, but also lack of will to carry daily activities.

Symptoms of Depression

Unlike other ailments, most of the symptoms are invisible. For instance, in the event an individual has fever, the common symptoms are high temperature or lethargy. However in depressive person, all the vitals could be normal. Depression is not just a condition that an individual can just come out of. Having said so, the heartening news is that depression can be relieved to a large extent with counselling, medication and Psychotherapy or all. People can experience multiple episodes, although most of the times it is only once. Here are some of the common symptoms of Depression.

1.Sadness, Hopelessness and Tearfulness: HeadsUpguys is, a Canadian based company dealing in depression studies. According to the studies conducted, Depression affects ones body, thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Depression influences thoughts and emotions.
2. Outbursts and Frustration over small matters

Sudden outbursts or Frustrations are a common possibility. Even a small matter can flare up things. Thus it is equally important that the individual is not exposed to a conflicting environment. According to NPR, a non-profit organization, outburst can mask the individual’s depression. Here are what the studies carried reveal:

Anger and Depression
3.Interest in daily or pleasurable activities

There is no doubt that Depression is one of the root cause of sadness and lack of interest. There are studies that establish the relationship. According to a September 21 article published by the WHO, reveals that Depression is a common illness worldwide. According to the study, here are some of the statistics.

FactorNumber or Percentage
Affected people3.8%
Number of Adults 5%
Number of adults over 605.7%
Number of people280 million
Study showing the number of affected people
4.Feeling of Worthlessness or past failures

Even though the signs are not visible from the outside, the patients feel signs of worthlessness and guilt. In addition the self-hatred leads to further deterioration. One is equally shocked to know that even known bollywood stars have suffered from depression.

Stars who have undergone depression
5.Recurring thoughts of Suicide

Anyone who has symptoms of mood swings, Bipolar or a mental disorder suffered from a suicidal tendency. Constant depression and mental illness in combination can make one become obsessive with death. Depression also influences relationship with others

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5 Natural remedies for Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, more than four-fifths of the individuals don’t have access to healthcare. Most of the reasons are due to lack of knowledge, taboo and high cost. The mental health was also considered as an important issue. A 24×7 free consultation is available to all. Mental health is one of the growing concerns amongst all sections. According to the National Health Portal, every thirteenth person in India is suffering from depression. The average age of depression is 31.9 years. Medications by doctor can result in side effects. Here are 5 natural remedies that are known to Alleviate depression.

  1. Company of Positive People: An individual in depression constantly requires others to uplift the mood. It is essential to avoid staying alone and indulge in activities that give pleasure.
  2. Regular Exercise: Regular exercises can increase hormones that makes one feel good. Also one should always keep busy.
  3. Massage Therapy: Physical and emotional well being are connected. Massage therapy is linked with relaxation and easing tension.
  4. Avoid Alcohol and drugs: Many people resort to drugs and alcohol to ease the symptoms of depression. However it is just a short term solution. Other substitutes like Green tea should be considered.,
  5. Music Therapy and Yoga: Music calms the mind and so does Yoga. Both alleviate any feelings of fear, anxiety and stress.

Seek Help if required

Most of the people hesitate to seek help. Associated stigmas, social pressure and lack of knowledge play an integral part in the process. Adequate support from family, friends and society can help curb depression to a large extent.