How do Alzheimer’s patients feel?

Alzheimer Disease
Alzheimer Disease

What does it feel like to have Alzheimer’s disease?

National Institute of Aging(NIA) is celebrating June 1, 2022 as the Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month. With more than 4 million people suffering from the disease and other form of Dementia, there is an urgency to create awareness about it. Also it is important to share the research happening in the subject and the progress made so far in the area. Additionally NIA continues to share the resources through which individuals, families and care providers can receive support. is celebrating Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month this June. Before understanding the psyche of the individual suffering from Alzheimer’s it is also essential to understand what the disease is.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease and who does it affect?

Loss of Cognitive functioning, Thinking, and logical reasoning to a level that it starts interfering your daily lives is called Dementia. Its symptoms may vary with just some mood swings to an extent where an individual depends on others for basic activities. As we grow old most people undergo some form of Dementia. However it is not a normal sign of aging as one can agae without showing any symptom of Dementia.

Difficult Truths Uncertainties that Alzheimer’s patients face

One of the common question that the patients asked is the time duration of the disease. Leaving a few everyone wants to know when shall they get better. Although everyone seeks a query into this puzzle, there is no definite answer. Professionals juggle with their words to put an answer that is closest to the patient expectation. However, even the professional can’t understand what it feels like to be living with this condition. Having said so, the harsh reality is that the condition shall never get ‘healed’. Behaviour can alleviate sometimes, however complete recovery is out of question.

Alzheimer’s Disease from the patient’s perspective

What Does having Alzheimer’s Feel Like?

Imagine going through a phase of life when you are unable to recognize your near and dear ones. It is very difficult to imagine living with such a condition every single day. Living with Alzheimer’s is like waking up from a long slumber in a strange unknown place surrounded by strange people calling your name. How would you react to such a situation? “Confused”, right! The Alzheimer’s patients deal with the same situations. So when shall the condition heal fully? Probably never and the patient and the caregivers continue to suffer. That is Dementia for You!

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