Talk to Puppies Using Dog Language To Tell Them You Care

Talk To Puppies Using Dog Language
Talk To Puppies Using Dog Language

You have always loved dogs and you also have one as a pet at your home. Good news!

But do you talk to him?

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puppy body signals

Do you know your puppy “speaks” with barks, wagging tail talk, and other body signals.

But you need to be beware of the fact that your puppy is not a human. What may be normal behavior for people may actually be offensive to dogs. Therefore you need to master the art of “dog talk” to get your message across.

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Calm tone always works

Here are some tips –

Calm tone always works

Use a calm, low-pitched tone of voice and short clipped words. High-pitched upset voices send the wrong signals that you are losing control.

Be consistent in choosing words

Puppies thrive on routine. You need to use the same words for the same thing each time since puppy can’t comprehend that “wait” and “stay here” and “I’ll be right back” or “don’t move” mean the same thing. Choose one.

Stand tall

You simply have to carry yourself like the boss. You don’t have to prove it.

You can use your body to control puppy movements.

Behave yourself

Let the puppy approach you rather than chasing after it. If you must approach, curve in at an oblique angle instead of walking or running toward the puppy directly.

Be watchful

Call your vet immediately if you suspect your puppy is sick. Do not try home remedies, its best to see the expert and let them decide what is best for your puppy.